January 10, 2023
Plumbing Repair in Greenville, WI

Common Home Plumbing Emergencies You May Experience

A plumbing emergency can quickly ruin your schedule for the day. You may wake up one morning to find your yard flooded or your kitchen sink full of wastewater. It can be difficult to know what to do to minimize damage and avoid potential repairs. Learning more about common plumbing emergencies can better equip you to handle them when they happen in your home. You’ll also be able to figure out more easily what to do to get your household back on track. Call us immediately for emergency repair service if you experience any of these significant plumbing problems.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can release hundreds of gallons of water over several days if not addressed in time. This issue can occur when the water inside the pipe freezes and breaks the pipe. All pipework exposed to the elements should be insulated to protect it from the cold winter temperatures.

Pipes can also burst if the water pressure in your home is too high. Manufacturers usually make residential pipes that withstand water pressures between 30 PSI to 80 PSI. Consider using a pressure gauge to determine the water pressure in your home. There’s also a chance your pipes may burst if they’re too old and are struggling with wear and tear.

No matter the reason, you should fix this issue as soon as possible before the water spreads and causes further damage. Prolonged exposure to moisture increases the chances of mold, rot and corrosion.

Overflowing Toilet

In many cases, a clog in your toilet’s drain line won’t cause it to overflow. However, if you start noticing fill problems, there’s a chance that it’s struggling with a significant blockage or an issue with the toilet float. The moment you realize your toilet won’t stop filling up, turn off the water supply. You should find an easy-to-spot valve underneath the toilet near the floor.

Attempting to correct the problem yourself can be tricky. You may have to empty the wastewater into the tub and attempt to plunge the toilet out. If it’s thoroughly clogged, you’ll need an auger to remove any debris. It’s better to count on one of our professional plumbers with the equipment and replacement parts to make sure your toilet will function correctly.

Sump Pump Failure

Many crawl spaces and basements are equipped with sump pumps to remove extra water. These motorized systems sit in a basin dug into the ground. Sump pumps are vital to protecting your basement from flooding, mold, and sewage backups. If you see water accumulating on the floor, make sure there isn’t any debris on or around the sump pump. Wet clothes and garbage can prevent effective impeller movement.

If you don’t see any physical objects clogging the system, it may have a faulty switch or electrical problems. After constantly running for a period of time, the system can also shut down due to overheating.

Leaking Pipes

It’s easy to ignore tiny leaks or water issues until you have the time to sort them out. However, waiting too long can result in more damage that requires costly repairs. Leaks at a pipe joint may mean that it isn’t tight enough or properly secured. If water is leaking from a pipe, there may be a small hole or tear.

Trying to tighten the joint or patch the pipe isn’t the best solution. It’s difficult to know what caused the issue without the right training. Call us so our professional services can minimize your chances of a plumbing emergency in the future. One of our experienced plumbers will tell you the cause of the leak and how to protect the rest of your home.

Water Heater Malfunction

Water heater problems often first manifest as changes in your normal water temperature. Your showers may be scalding hot or icy cold. Other common signs of a water heater problem include strange noises from the tank, leaking water, and strange water odors and colors.

These issues can occur when there’s too much sludge in the tank, or a key component malfunction. Regular water tank maintenance is the best way to prolong its life span and preserve your home’s comfort. Ignoring your water tank issues can worsen the damage and even lead to premature replacement.

Sewer Backup

Sewer line issues can cause problems like a flooded backyard or wastewater backing up into your sinks and tubs. Most sewer issues come about due to unhealthy septic habits. Flushing feminine hygiene products, wipes, or cotton pads can all clog your line and impact the safety of your septic system.

Wastewater issues can also happen when you wash coffee grounds, grease, or food down the sink. Your home’s plumbing system is only meant to handle water, human waste, and toilet paper that quickly dissolves. Wastewater is full of toxic bacteria that can smell up your home and contaminate your living spaces. Be very careful if you remove wastewater by yourself, as it can have a direct impact on your health.

Broken Water Line

If you use city water, your home receives its water through a main water line. When this line encounters issues, it can decrease the amount of water you have access to. Your sinks and tubs may sputter or not give you any water at all. Wet spots in the yard often indicate where the line has cracked or sprung a leak. Substantial main water leaks can skyrocket your water costs and ruin your landscaping.

Plumbing Emergency Tips

Quick action during a plumbing emergency is crucial to limit the spread of damage. In most cases, you can stop water from harming your walls and belongings by turning off the water supply. You can either go to the main supply valve or the valve that connects to the at-risk fixture. This is a temporary remedy that minimizes the flow of water until the damage is fixed.

Don’t try to repair large plumbing issues by yourself. Plumbing problems can impact your ability to wash dishes, clean clothes, shower, and even cook. Attempting to complete do-it-yourself repairs can make the issue much worse. You may accidentally push the clog further into the line or damage the inside of your pipes. Even if it looks like you’ve fixed the problem, you could be at a higher risk of encountering emergencies in the future.

Count on a professional plumbing team to handle all of your home emergencies. Plumbers have years of training and experience and know exactly how to diagnose plumbing problems. Many companies also offer craftsmanship and part guarantees to ensure you receive quality work that lasts.

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