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HVAC System Types

When installing your most recent HVAC system you might not have given much thought to the numerous different types of units out there each with their own pros and cons. If your home or business is considering a new installation of an HVAC system, consider learning about the four main systems. These include split, hybrid, duct-free and packaged heating and air systems.

Heating and Cooling Split Systems

Black-Haak - Heating and Cooling Split SystemsThese are by far the most common and consist of two separate units. These 2 split systems include one for heating and one for cooling. Here the cooling unit is outside and uses refrigerant, compressors and coils to cool air and a fan to blow out hot air. These are usually the larger AC units you see on the outside of a home.

The heater however is normally located in the basement or storage space. This system uses gas to heat the home and has its heat dispersed through the house either by fan or evaporator. The split system’s temperature output is controlled by a traditional thermostat. This HVAC system is popular because it is easy applicable and works in almost any environment, being independent of weather.

Black-Haak - Hybrid Split HVAC System

Hybrid Split HVAC System

A hybrid HVAC system has a lot of similarities to the split system except a few key differences. In this situation the homeowner has the ability to switch between gas power and electric power to heat their home. This is a great option for those trying to lower utility costs each month and conserve energy. They work best in mild climates were it’s not so cold that gas heat is necessary but heat is still needed in the home. Electric is more efficient and quieter whereas gas is quicker and more complete. This system still uses traditional ducts and thermostats for temperature control.

Black-Haak - Duct Free System

Duct Free

A duct free or mini-split system is very different than the two previously mentioned ones and comes with both high upfront costs and huge benefits. It is important to understand that there are certain situations where this system just won’t make sense at all. The way this HVAC system works is, an individual unit is mounted on walls indoors, attached to a outdoor compressor and is responsible for the temperature in just one room.

These units make perfect sense for new additions to your home, a garage, or any additional building because it is way easier to install and allows complete temperature control independent from the rest of the home or building. These also work great for businesses like hotels or venues, allowing for the tenant to control individual temps. Another benefit is energy conservation. For individuals retiring or maybe downsizing you can eliminate energy waste because you aren’t heating or cooling empty rooms instead you are making just the one room you are in comfortable. Keep in mind these HVAC units do require regular maintenance to avoid costly replacements.

Packaged Heating & Air

This system is a smaller contained heating and cooling unit stored within your home. It’s usually housed in the attic or storage on the upper floor. It’s smaller size allows the unit to be used inside if exterior mounting isn’t an option.

This HVAC system is primarily used in warmer climates because the main drawback for the compact size comes in the units ability to produce a lot of heat. This also is because the unit is electric powered instead of gas. If you live in a warmer climate and wish to have efficient energy usage and lower utility bills this system can be a great option.