Popular Closed Loop Geothermal Systems

Black-Haak - Geothermal SystemsHere at Black-Haak we specialize in geothermal technology and installation. Geothermal systems heat for fractions of the cost of natural gas, propane, electric, and fuel oil and cool for half the cost of an air conditioner. Geothermal technology is a reliable and proven technology already in place in many different nations. Geothermal works year round providing heating and cooling.

On average a geothermal unit lasts 25 years, and replacement is about the same cost as a new air conditioner or furnace. Geothermal heat pumps are virtually maintenance free; just change the filter and have it inspected as the user manual suggests. We provide residential geothermal systems for our customers throughout the Fox Valley area.

Usually the most common in residential areas. A common configuration is a “slinky” method where a trench of 130′ x 25′ is dug and pipe is coiled within and buried. Another method is the “race track” method where a trench of 300′ x 10′ is dug and coiled pipe is laid within and buried. The pipe gathers the heat differences from the soil and transfers that difference into a heat pump.

Uses the same concept as horizontal, but in this method holes are drilled straight into the ground. Pipes are then inserted and are connected at the end with a U-bend. The system is then connected to the heat pump where it captures the earth’s energy. This method is best used in projects where soil conditions and property limitations make the vertical method ideal. Black-Haak has a lot of experience with this method in Door County, New London, Sherwood, Neenah among other areas.

While not as common due to the fact of needing a pond or lake near, this system runs pipe underground into a water source, which then runs back to the heat pump.

Black-Haak’s Geothermal Experience

With over 10 years of experience and over 200 installations of Geothermal systems from Fond du Lac to Green Bay, Black-Haak has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a highly efficient, money saving option for heating and cooling. With excavation equipment on site our team will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Generally the planning for Geothermal begins with new construction or remodeling and can be easily incorporated and utilized in the home’s heating and cooling system. A highly experienced technician can provide calculations when provided with a house’s specifications.

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