Fox Valley Indoor Air Quality

Black-Haak understands the importance of indoor air quality. As well as the effects it has on seasonal allergies and comfortable breathing. Keeping the air in your home or business clean and refreshing is one of the best things you can to do protect your family and visitors from harmful contaminants, microorganisms and germs like the flu virus. We feature an entire line of products, including house air purifiers and house air humidifiers, and services designed to keep the air healthy and breathable in the homes and businesses of our Fox Valley area customers. Our expert technicians can help you select the right set of items to keep your family and visitors safe.

Black-Haak - Air Purifier

Air Purifiers and Air Purification Systems

The cleanliness of the air in your home or business is important and we understand that not everyone is as susceptible to the same irritants and contaminants. With this in mind, we can help you choose the system that will best serve your family and friends whether you are most concerned with eliminating odors and dust or allergens and mold particles. Our air purification products are easily integrated into your home or business heating and cooling system.

They provide relief from all manners of airborne contaminants without you even needing to be aware of what they are doing. All you are likely to notice after installation is that you are feeling and breathing better than ever – and that is all that matters.

Humidifiers & Humidification Systems

Black-Haak - HumidifierAnother important aspect of indoor air quality is the humidity level. If you really want to make your home or business a healthy environment it is essential that you be able to maintain the proper level of humidity at all times. With this in mind, Black-Haak is proud to offer top of the line humidification systems that will allow you to keep dry air and the associated problems that come with it from plaguing you and your family.

With the introduction of a proper humidification system you can possibly get rid of dry skin and help to prevent the growth of cold and flu viruses. Maintaining a proper humidity level will also help your heating system function more effectively.

Air Filter Replacements

Black-Haak - Air Filter ReplacementsWhile installation of air purifiers and humidifiers can do wonders for your indoor air quality, oftentimes the scheduled replacement of the air filters in furnaces, humidifiers and air purification systems is overlooked.

Black-Haak can help you by arranging for regular shipments or installation of the appropriate filters for your home or business’ indoor air quality and heating systems.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

So if you are ready to get the process of improving your indoor air quality moving, give us a call! It doesn’t matter if you need help determining which systems you need installed, maintained or serviced – our team of expert indoor air quality specialists are ready to help you get the work underway! We can clean out your dryer vents to ensure that a buildup of lint does not lead to a potential fire hazard. You can call us now or schedule a service call.