August 12, 2022
Plumbing issues in Greenville, WI

Fox Valley residents experience their share of plumbing problems, like every other person in Wisconsin. Our [company name] local experts respond to various plumbing repairs and replacements all day and have found that most of our house calls rotate around the same issues. While there are common plumbing issues that you can repair easily, some of them require the attention of a trained plumber. That’s why this article is essential to help you know what to watch out for and how you can get help.


Leakages mostly come up due to wear and tear. However, sometimes there may be other factors that may cause the leaks. Let us look at the two most common types of leaks we encounter in Fox Valley.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes mostly leak due to wearing out. If you have old piping in your home, you are most likely to get leaks due to the age of the lines. However, if your lines lie near trees, the tree roots may make their way to the pipes in search of water and cause cracks or bursts with time.

You may notice pipe leaks by soggy patches on the ground or pools of water at a specific point of a line. When you see leakages around your home, be sure to get in touch with our experts immediately to inspect the leaks and perform the necessary repairs.

Along with leakages, pipe bursts usually occur occasionally and require urgent attention. During winter, we encounter numerous cases of burst pipes because the frozen water in the lines exerts too much pressure on the pipe walls. This automatically leads to the replacement of the pipes. However, you can prevent this by using heat tapes and insulating your pipes.

Leaking Faucets

Leaky faucets can be quite a nuisance. Although you may assume that the amount is minimal, one leaking faucet may waste hundreds of gallons of water in one year. This means you will get an increased water bill due to high consumption. Even with doing temporary solutions for fixing the faucets, the permanent solution is to get a new faucet for your sink.


Clogging mostly happens over time due to plumbing mismanagement or accidental occurrences. Below are some common problems of clogging we see in Fox Valley, WI and the environs.


Drain clogs are among the most common blockages we deal with in the area. The two main ways to identify a drain clog are slow wastewater drainage and a stench from the sinks. From our years of serving the people of Fox Valley, we have found that most drains clog because people don’t take care of what they put into the pipes. Large food particles, hair, and sanitary items, among other things, can combine to cause you a nasty drain clog. However, we can help you eliminate the clog using drain snaking or hydro jetting, which efficiently opens your water passage.

Blocked Toilet

Toilets blockages usually happen when you dispose of anything else apart from human waste and toilet paper. Female sanitary products, dirt, food particles, plastics, and pieces of wood do not disintegrate in water. Therefore, these items can get stuck in the toilet outlets.

You can easily deal with this mess by using a plunger. Just apply pressure using the plunger to either suck out or push the items down the drain. However, persistent blockages can indicate that the issue is in the drains and requires professional assistance.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals get highly mismanaged in most homes. Most people assume that the unit can grind everything into small particles suitable for going down into the drains. However, this is not true. Grease usually attaches itself to the hidden parts of the disposal and accumulates over time. Some food particles may also remain in the garbage disposal, and if they combine with the grease, they may clog the outlet. Therefore, do not throw foods with a lot of fibers into the drain since they will cling to the system. Eggshells and greasy foods also pose a risk to the unit.

It is crucial to regularly flush your unit after use with clean water to remove any hidden substances if you want your system to run for many years. You should also periodically check the system for any potential clogs and remove any items clinging to the walls and blades. This way, you can see any potential issues that require expert help.

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups can be smelly and nasty. You will notice them through the constant drain and toilet clogs. If the sewer line on your property gets blocked, your wastewater will not drain properly. This causes all the foul odors of the stagnant waste to exit through the sinks and toilets.

We discourage using DIY chemicals to eradicate drain and sewer backups since they corrode the system causing further damage. The best way to deal with this issue is to involve our trained plumbers to clean your drains and sewer lines and clear the path for your wastewater.

Hot Water System Failure

When your home’s heater malfunctions, it cuts the hot water supply to your sinks and shower. This system failure may be due to several things, including:

  • Thermostat failure
  • Sediment accumulation
  • The pilot light going off
  • Wiring problems

If the problem is beyond relighting the water heater pilot light, it is best to call our professionals to help you identify and solve the problem. Mismanaging the heater may cause electrocution or even worsen the situation. However, when we come to your aid, we can locate the source of the issue and sort it out within a short time.

Running Toilet

A blocked toilet is not the only problem that can cause you a headache. A running toilet is an equally problematic issue. It occurs when the flapper valve does not seal correctly at the bottom of the tank. This allows the water to continue flowing even when the tank is full, thus wasting gallons of water a day. This valve can malfunction if there is sediment at the valve’s opening or the handle chain has a problem.

The first step to correct the situation is to remove any sediment at the tank’s bottom by thoroughly cleaning the toilet tank. Secondly, you can try correcting any issue with the flush chain to enable the valve to sit correctly at the bottom. If these two solutions fail to stop the running water, call our experts at [company name] to help correct the issue.

Reach Out for Professional Help Today

While the list of the plumbing problems we handle daily is extensive, these are among the most common issues we address. As part of our services, we discourage our clients from performing dangerous DIY hacks that may harm them or their plumbing. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy quality plumbing, which involves helping you protect your system.

If your home’s plumbing system has any issues, our expert plumbers are available for emergency service 24/7. We also offer air conditioner and heating repair, installation, and maintenance services, as well as indoor air quality, generators, electrical services, and more.

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