December 13, 2023
Drain Cleaning Services in Greenville, WI

Hiring professionally trained experts in any field brings peace of mind from believing everything will work out perfectly. Indeed, most professionals give the best services, hoping to satisfy their clients and possibly get more business in the future.

Plumbers and other technical workers find themselves with an even bigger responsibility of meeting the client’s needs since their work can have serious implications for the investment and the lives of those who occupy the property.

While looking for a plumber, part of your conversation should be asking critical questions regarding their professional qualification and experience. This allows you to gauge the level of expertise and the guarantees they offer for the task they are about to undertake. Let’s cover some important questions you should ask a plumber regarding drain cleaning.

1. Are You a Licensed Plumber?

Verifying that your plumber has a license is an important first step, as dealing with licensed professionals gives provides greater peace of mind. It gives us the confidence that they have been vetted and allowed to practice by relevant authorities. In Wisconsin, plumbers must obtain a license for in order to practice. Various categories of plumbing licenses are available, including plumbing apprentice, journeyman plumber, and master plumber. Ensure the plumber is licensed to avoid legal and professional challenges.

2. Do You Charge Hourly or a Flat Rate?

Plumbing maintenance or repairs shouldn’t break your budget. This makes it important to determine how the plumber charges for services. It could be hourly or at a flat rate.

Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to the two parties to agree on what they are comfortable with. Besides, most plumbers are flexible and can adjust their chosen mode of payment to suit the client’s needs.

3. Do You Offer 24/7 Plumbing Services?

Working within agreed working hours keeps all parties happy and content. You should know the plumber’s working schedule to understand when and how fast you can get support. Their ability to respond to your needs at critical times gives you confidence and makes them friendly.

Our team at Black-Haak has served the community in Greenville since 1956, and we’ve won us many accolades and great reviews over the years. Our staff is on call 24 hours daily, so you can count on us to handle emergencies and quick fixes.

4. Do You Offer Free Quotes for Blocked Drain Service?

A blocked drain system can be very stubborn, causing you inexplicable trouble and inconveniences. For perfect results, engage a professional plumber to help you clean it up. They will draw from experience and employ the right technique to unclog it.

While engaging a plumber, ask them whether they charge to evaluate and give a quote for all the work needed to clean up your system. Some companies and individual plumbers offer free quotes, while others charge for the service. Ensure this is discussed in your engagement with the plumber to maintain a clear understanding of the payment structure.

5. Do You Offer a Contract?

Written agreements are powerful and legally binding. They stipulate the conditions of the transaction, the expected scope of the work, each party’s mandate and responsibilities, and the payment terms.

Minor misunderstandings could escalate into ugly legal issues where such a contract is missing. Ask your plumber for a contract before they embark on the task. While it could be general and cover many expectations, responsibilities, and obligations, it can also be customized to suit your needs. The bottom line is that it should be satisfactory and agreeable to both parties.

6. Are You Insured or Bonded?

Many people overlook the importance of this critical question when dealing with technical work. However, this is what determines how injuries and accidents are handled.

Ask your plumber if the company is insured. If they are covered, understand how the insurance can compensate for damages to a person or property. A candid conversation should allow both parties to make the right decisions.

A plumber who is bonded and insured guarantees the property owner that unforeseen costs and damages will be compensated. There are essentially two aspects to this coverage: commercial liability insurance and surety bonds. Does the company have commercial liability insurance? Claims relating to property damage and bodily injury are covered under commercial liability insurance. The surety bond covers additional expenses, including compensation for items stolen by a contractor, damages caused through illegal practices, and those resulting from substandard work.

7. Will You Clean After Working?

The general expectation is that the plumber cleans up after clearing a drain. But this needs to be discussed beforehand and included in the scope of work the plumbing company is expected to engage in.

Clearing a blocked drain can be a dirty and messy job that extends beyond the affected area. Therefore, you must know in advance whether the plumber will clean up after work, at least to a certain level of acceptable standards. Remember that it might not be possible to restore your space to its original state immediately. Nonetheless, a good plumbing company makes a great effort to ensure they leave a better image after work.

8. How Will You Unblock the Drain?

Depending on the work required, you should understand exactly how the plumber will unblock the drain. This might be too technical, but it helps to understand how the plumber will go about it.

In some cases, unblocking a drain requires just some simple manual work, while other situations may require specialized chemicals. This creates the need for the property owner to be enlightened on exactly how the work will be done. If all you want is the work done to satisfaction, you can skip this question from your list.

9. Are There Any Guarantees Offered?

Every client wants assurance that the work will not only last a long time but also be done to the highest standard possible. To ensure this is achieved, ask your plumber for the assurances they give for the work done.

Some plumbing companies offer after-sale services, such as servicing your system in the future or providing a one-time service free of charge. Such an approach to business can help you choose whether to go into business with a plumbing company.

10. Do You Charge for Travel Time?

Some plumbers will charge you for travel time, although most companies will cover this in the overall work cost. Nonetheless, it makes things easier when you understand everything you must pay for. Find out whether your plumber will charge for travel time and know how much this will cost.

A well-trained plumber provides a great service but also gives you good advice on how to take care of your system. The law requires that plumbers get a license only offered after thorough training. This instills the confidence that any work and advice given will adhere to the highest standard.

With over 65 years of experience in the industry, Black-Haak takes great pride in diligently serving the Fox Valley community. We provide all-round solutions that are customized and specific. Besides a full range of plumbing and electrical services, our wide scope of expertise extends to installation, repair, and maintenance of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment. We handle boilers, heat pumps, geothermal systems, and ductless mini-splits. Call us today for drain cleaning or any of your other needs.

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