July 9, 2024
HVAC maintenance in Fox Valley, WI

Conditioning your home’s indoor air keeps everyone comfortable throughout the seasons. When warm weather arrives, the AC unit might work around the clock in Greenville, WI. If you’re concerned about your HVAC system’s operations, there are a few signs to look for if a malfunction arises. Explore the top 12 signals that your AC system may need to be replaced right now.

1. Accumulating Repair Bills

Repairing your AC unit on an irregular basis is commonplace. However, if you must constantly call for our HVAC services throughout the year, it may be time to replace your system. Although repairing a unit usually incurs a small bill, these costs can add up over a few months.

Ask our team about a replacement quote. Ideally, compare that quote to the accumulating repair bills. In some cases, the replacement costs might justify themselves as the repair bills add up to more than half the price of a new system.

2. Increasing Energy Costs

Most homeowners have monthly energy bills with a general range each month. The cost doesn’t fluctuate too much unless a heat wave or cold spell occurs. However, if you notice unusual changes to your energy bill, your AC system may be the culprit.

Worn parts and other factors cause an older system to draw more current from the electrical panel. As a result, your energy bills increase. Only our professionals can verify if there is an isolated part problem or whether an AC system replacement is needed.

3. Experiencing Hot and Cold Spots

During installation, your AC system is sized to your property. In short, it should heat and cool the home with even temperatures across all floors and rooms. If you notice uneven temperatures, the system may be failing.

A combination of different parts might be wearing down, which causes the temperature issues. If you turn the AC up, forcing it to work harder can lead to more part failures. In most cases, replacing the system will solve uncomfortable indoor conditions.

4. Hearing Unusual Noises

Your AC system is a major appliance that will make sounds, such as a consistent hum from the fan. Truthfully, it should sound like white noise or a background hum as it cools the home. If you notice loud or irregular noises, there’s a definite problem.

Preferably, shut off the system and call our professionals. Loose parts or a severe failure may be to blame. Depending on the diagnosis, a new system might be the solution.

5. Struggling to Function During the Hottest Days

If you live in an area where 90- or even 100-degree days are typical during the summer, your AC system will run more often than in more moderate regions. Because of this wear factor, the system may need to be replaced sooner rather than later. If you notice the system struggling to cool your home, contacting our Wisconsin team for an evaluation is recommended.

Often, the system simply requires a tune-up as the summer heat continues. With our expert care, we can determine if the struggling system requires a simple fix or has a long-term issue. A healthy AC system can ultimately cool the home regardless of the outside temperature.

6. Smelling Unusual Odors

No odors should emanate from the AC system. If you notice a pungent scent, there can be several causes. For example, mildew or mold may have grown within the indoor unit. Alternatively, condensate or refrigerant leaks might be an issue.

A foul odor translates to a serious issue with the system. Repairs might be possible, but considering a new system can prevent return visits from our professionals. In the end, the system may start failing regularly as microbes and leaks stifle its operation.

7. Dealing With Electrical Shorts

It’s time to update your system if it regularly trips circuit breakers. These electrical shorts equate to an unusual current draw by one or more of the AC’s components. Certainly, this scenario isn’t normal for an efficient system, even with regular maintenance. Ideally, replace the system so that it’s calibrated to your main electrical panel. With a new unit in place, any circuit breaker issues should be rare in the future.

8. Aging Equipment

Overall, an AC system older than 10 or 15 years may be a candidate for replacement. After a decade, your unit won’t be as efficient as before. Today’s models can save you money on energy after a new installation. If you’re noticing higher bills, extra repair costs, and reduced cooling ability, the old system is ready to be replaced.

9. Noticing Restricted Airflow

Your fan might have single or variable speed settings depending on your AC unit. Regardless of the fan speed, it should have a consistent airflow moving through your vents. When you notice a significant change to the cooling effect, there might be restricted airflow.

Typically, several component issues can create restricted airflow. For instance, a failing fan, motor, or blower could be the issue. Also, a combination of failed parts might be the problem. At this point, replacing the system might be more cost-effective than repairing several failing components.

10. Leaking Fluids

Your AC unit is a closed system. When it’s properly operating, no fluids should be visible. Noticing any type of leak, including condensation or refrigerant, calls for an appointment with our team.

An isolated leak, for example, can be a simple repair. However, if the system has multiple leaks, it might be a replacement candidate. Otherwise, this older system might develop a severe leak in the future, which can lead to component failure.

11. Aging Refrigerant Type

In the past, R-22 refrigerant was the liquid widely used in the HVAC industry. Today, the industry uses a more environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410A. If you have a system with R-22, you may want to consider a replacement soon.

Although the R-22 is still available, it’s in limited supply and costly. Compare the cost of recharging your system or replacing it entirely. Over time, the new system will pay for itself through energy and refrigerant savings.

12. Feeling Excessive Humidity

It might be time for an AC system replacement if you notice excessive humidity during its operation. Typically, the system removes moisture from the indoor air by passing it across the evaporator coil and emptying it into nearby condensate drains. There’s no need for an additional dehumidifier within the system.

A sticky interior means the system isn’t drawing moisture from the air in an efficient manner. Our team must inspect the components for a cause. Although repairs may be possible, multiple component failures may equate to a new system quotation.

Finding Solutions With Our Greenville Team

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