March 30, 2024

Technology for automating homes has advanced in recent times. It gives homeowners more control over their living spaces than ever before. You can monitor and manage your home’s security, entertainment, energy use, and more from your phone or via voice commands. If you want to upgrade your home with the newest automation gadgets and devices, here are 10 things you can control.

1. Lights and Motion Sensors

One popular home automation is controlling lights. You can have motion sensors or occupancy detectors that turn lights on automatically when you walk into a room and off when you leave. You can even set up schedules to have lights turn on at certain times, like dusk. Also, with smart bulbs, you can change colors and brightness from an app. Smart switches and control panels make it simple to control multiple lights at the same time. Black-Haak can install and integrate automated lighting solutions throughout your home. We determine the right motion sensors, smart bulbs, switches and scheduling options based on your needs. Our technicians handle the installation and ensure all lighting components work together seamlessly.

2. Automated Blinds and Curtains

Another way to control the feel and look of your rooms is with automated window treatments. You can schedule smart blinds and curtains to open and close at certain times to let sunlight in or block it out. You can also control them remotely to adjust privacy or lighting whenever you want. Voice assistants allow hands-free control of your automated window. Black-Haak provides solutions for automated window coverings. We assess your needs and preferences to determine the best products. Our installers will mount, connect and test the blinds and curtains to ensure smooth automation.

3. Smart Doorbells

A smart video doorbell lets you know who’s at your door without having to check. These nifty gadgets alert you when someone comes to your door and allow you to see and talk to visitors from your phone. Some smart doorbells work with smart locks, so you can let in expected guests remotely, and our security experts at Black-Haak can leverage automation to design a comprehensive system customized to your home. We integrate smart security components with your other automated features for complete control. It will ensure you get notifications about deliveries and visitors even when you are away.

4. Smart Thermostats

Controlling your home’s temperature is one of the best things you can get from home automation. Smart thermostats learn your heating and cooling preferences, and you can program them to maximize comfort and save energy. Many connect with smartphone apps so you can change the temperature from anywhere in the house. Black-Haak can install smart thermostats and link them with your home automation system for complete climate control. Our techs will activate money-saving features like location sensing and occupancy detection.

5. Smart Speakers and Assistants

Smart speakers and home assistants are essential for convenient hands-free control of your automated home. You can modify the thermostat, turn lights on/off, control entertainment devices, get weather reports, and much more with voice commands. Leading options like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod make an excellent voice-controlled hub for your smart home. Let Black-Haak set up smart speakers and home assistants for convenient voice control. Our technicians will connect Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other top options with your home automation ecosystem for the best hands-free experience.

6. Security Cameras

You can keep watch over your home even when away with indoor and outdoor smart security cameras. You can monitor any activity with real-time mobile alerts and live HD video streams. Systems with cloud storage let you review and share recordings as needed. For full coverage, pick cameras with wide-angle lenses and night vision. Black-Haak can professionally handle your home security camera installation and connectivity. We set up indoor and outdoor cameras with the newest features like live streaming, motion alerts, cloud storage, and night vision. We will also configure the security camera systems to protect your privacy with masking and adjustable schedules.

7. Save Energy

Take advantage of automation’s potential for saving energy. Smart thermostats, appliances, and integrated devices communicating can optimize energy use while you’re home or away. Smart power outlets allow remote control of plugged-in gadgets, and automatic lighting sensors and timers prevent electricity wastage. In addition to smart lighting, Black-Haak provides services to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. A key part of our process is installing an energy monitoring system. Our technicians set up a high-tech energy monitor that connects with smart thermostats, appliances and devices throughout your home to track real-time energy use.

8. Heating Control

You can get heating where and when you want with automated, zoned systems. Smart thermostats can control temperature in specific rooms, and underfloor heating enables room-by-room regulation. Black-Haak has highly experienced technicians to handle your home’s heating automation properly and safely. We are experts at installing zoned control systems in full compliance with HVAC codes and standards. We make sure your zoned heating is automated reliably through smart controls while following proper installation procedures.

9. Appliance Control

Keeping tabs on and managing home appliances is a major benefit of automation. Smart plugs enable remote on/off control of things like fans, lamps and TVs. Also, running appliances on schedules or based on occupancy helps limit energy waste. Black-Haak provides full smart appliance integration and automation services. Our technicians will install smart plugs and modules to enable remote control of all your appliances from an app. We can integrate refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers and more. We will also set up customized schedules and rules to optimize each appliance’s usage based on your habits and needs. With our comprehensive appliance automation services, you’ll effortlessly monitor and control appliances and reduce energy waste.

10. Garage Control

Automate access to your home’s garage for improved safety and convenience. Smart garage door openers and controllers let you open and close the garage from an app. You can integrate the garage with other smart gadgets for seamless control by adding sensors to detect movement or open doors and sending alerts to your phone. Black-Haak provides complete garage door automation services. Our experienced technicians will install a new smart garage door opener system or integrate controllers with your existing opener. We will configure customized automation rules, like triggering lights when the garage door opens. Our seamless installation and integration allow you to conveniently control and monitor your garage door from anywhere for added safety and security.

Technology can make running a home easier by letting you control things without being there. For you to get all the benefits, it is important to have an expert handle the installation and integration of devices and systems. Black-Haak has lots of experience with making homes fully automated. Our technicians will look at your needs, pick the best gadgets and devices, install everything properly, and ensure everything works together. With Black-Haak, you can feel relaxed knowing your home is running smoothly even when you’re not there.

Don’t wait to upgrade your home with smart technology. Call us today to schedule a meeting. Our home automation experts will look at your home and lifestyle to figure out the perfect options to automate lights, security, temperature, appliances, and more based on what you need and can afford. Take control and make life easier with Black-Haak‘s top home automation services.

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