March 20, 2023
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Your toilet is one of the most-used fixtures inside your home. Having toilet issues can be a major headache. Problems with your toilet are not just about money, though, as a broken toilet causes significant discomfort inside the home. A common problem people have is with their toilet valve not working correctly. A broken toilet valve leads to the toilet not flushing, water running continuously, and even the toilet not filling up. Regardless of your problem, it is crucial to understand why your toilet valve may or may not flush correctly.

The problem with your toilet flush valve not working is that it can add significantly to your water bill. It can also be burdensome since you might have to go through other methods to use your toilet. For example, many people have to use a bucket to flush the toilet, which will quickly get burdensome and tedious. This problem can worsen if you only have one toilet inside your home. However, to understand what problems you are facing, you need to understand a bit about how your toilet works.

How Your Toilet Works

Your toilet is made up of two major components. There is a porcelain bowl and a tank containing the flushing and filling mechanisms. There are multiple types of toilets, but the most popular one involves a chain lifting a flapper that lets the water out when you flush. When that chain drops, the flapper seals the bottom of the toilet shut. The water then fills up through the filler valve. When the water level reaches a certain point, the ballock rises to that level, shutting off the water and filling up the tank.

This process is highly intricate, and many things can happen to cause problems to your toilet. If anything happens to the chain or the flushing valve, you are likely looking at significant toilet repairs that need to be made. The key is to get your toilet fixed as quickly as possible by hiring a professional Greenville plumber to do the job. You don’t want to mess around trying to fix the toilet yourself.

Potential Problems With the Chain

The first significant problem your toilet flush valve can have is with the chain. As you may remember, the toilet chain is what connects the flushing valve to the flapper that opens to let the water into the bowl. This chain has to be a certain length with a certain amount of tension. If that tension isn’t maintained, your toilet flapper won’t open when you press down the flushing mechanism. If your toilet chain is too short, your flapper will be permanently open. You might also have problems with the chain snagging on something inside the toilet tank. It is critical to ensure this isn’t the case when diagnosing toilet problems. It is also crucial to determine if the chain is broken before going on to any other step. The chain is one of the most common places for the toilet flushing valve mechanism to stop working.

Flapper Not Aligned Properly

Another issue with the toilet’s flush valve is the flapper not being aligned correctly. The problem with the flapper is that it is typically made of plastic or silicone, which can be a problem because of how light those materials can be. There is the possibility of moving your flapper horizontally, which can lead to problems with the flapper not being appropriately aligned over the flush valve.

A misaligned flapper is apparent when you hear water flowing into the toilet bowl even after you’ve let go of the flushing mechanism. This problem usually leads to your water bill increasing the following month and problems flushing the toilet. A professional will let you know whether you need a slight adjustment to the flapper or if it needs to be replaced entirely. You might also have problems where you think the problem is the flapper, but it turns out you have a bigger problem with a more substantial part of the flushing mechanism.

Your Toilet Handle Could Be Broken

The toilet handle is a relatively simple part that can have massive implications if not handled correctly. It is usually a metal handle connected to a plastic rod inside the toilet. The plastic rod is connected to the chain, which is connected to the flapper. The big issue here is that the plastic part of the handle can break if you aren’t gentle enough. It might seem like a relatively simple fix, but it can be complicated depending on the material it is made of and what you need to replace. However, the good news is that there are a few ways to diagnose the toilet handle as not working.

Issues With the Refill Valve

Another issue that can cause your flush valve to stop working is the refill valve. It is the mechanical part of the toilet tank that is responsible for filling up the water level to the right place. If your water continually flows, it can cause problems with this part of your flushing mechanism. You might also find that it refills very slowly because of some adjustment that was made. On top of all these problems, you might even find problems adjusting it to the right level. You might get to a stage where the refill valve does not work. It usually happens to old toilets that have not had adequate maintenance to keep them working as they should.

Let Professionals Handle It

Trying to fix a broken toilet flush valve by yourself might be tempting, but you could be causing more problems instead of fixing anything. You could break something that leads to an even bigger repair bill in the future. Moreover, you might even end up in a situation where you need significant repairs done inside the tank because of something you broke. That is one of the many reasons why having a professional do the job should be your priority. Professionals understand how your toilet works regardless of the make and model. That makes it easier to quickly diagnose and fix the problem with minimal downtime. Fixing it yourself typically involves running to and from the hardware store because you don’t have the right parts to do the job.

At Black-Haak, we have been fixing toilet flush valves for decades. We are a family-owned and -operated business, meaning you can be confident that we will take care of your toilet repair and installation needs. We also provide emergency repair services to ensure you don’t have to spend a long time without a working toilet. We understand how uncomfortable those situations can be, and we work diligently to ensure we get you up and running quickly. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure you are satisfied with our level of service in the Greenville, WI area. Contact Black-Haak today to help with your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical repair. No job is too complicated for us, and we provide outstanding service without breaking the bank.

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