When you’re worried about electric car charging, so-called “range anxiety,” there’s nothing better than finding a great commercial EV charging location, such as one of the newer Tesla charging stations that adds 75 miles of range in a five-minute charge, or 1000 in an hour. Unfortunately, your basic level 1 home charger that plugs into a standard wall socket delivers about 5 miles per hour! Why not upgrade your Oshkosh, WI home to include a level 2 residential charging point that can provide several dozen miles of range per hour, an overnight charge for most EV charging? We can add modern electric car charging to your home, making EV charging so much easier and faster.

    EV Charging in Oshkosh, WI

    Whether you live in Menominee North, Menominee South, Stevens Park, or elsewhere in Oshkosh, our electricians can install a dependable electric car charging point for your home!

    Dependable Electric Car Charging Installation in Oshkosh

    Our electricians can make sure you get the electric car charging point technology you need for your EV charging needs, even if you have multiple cars that need to charge. They’ll make sure your charging point is safe, dependable, and works well with the rest of your home’s electrical needs. When your day starts off with a full charge, you can thank your quick, reliable electric car charging point!

    Among the many reasons homeowners enjoy having their own EV charging station:
    • Faster charging for less “range anxiety” when you’re driving
    • Convenient charging while you wait – at home!
    • No complicated cards or memberships for different charging stations
    • Added value for your home
    • Possible additional EV incentives

    Dependable Electric Car Charging Installation in OshkoshAn electric car charging point is an important feature for your home! So much so, that many communities are requiring EV charging capabilities as a part of new home construction. You’ll appreciate the difference between plugging into just any outlet in your home and waiting a long time to get even a partial charge with level 1, or getting a complete charge overnight with your own professionally installed level 2 charging station. It may not be a lightning-fast Supercharger Tesla charging station, but it’s an affordable convenience you’ll appreciate.

    Your EV Charging Station Installation Team

    Our top electricians at Black-Haak work with our office team that keeps emergency and routine electrical services moving for Oshkosh. We’ve been serving our area since 1956 with an emphasis on excellence, safety, and training, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that reflects our high-quality Black-Haak products and services.

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    We’re proud to provide trusted electrician service in Oshkosh. Call us today to get a convenient charging station installed!