Do you have “range anxiety?” It’s that feeling that electric car charging is running your life, making you do math to figure out how many errands you can run in Appleton, WI before you need to charge, and whether you can run the air conditioning and still make it. Worst of all, waking up in the morning to find that your standard charging connection didn’t give you enough charge to get to work, or you can’t find a Tesla charging station on your way. After all, there’s a big difference between electric car charging using standard home outlets and a professionally installed EV charging point.

    EV Charging in Appleton, WI

    Whether you live in Ashbury Meadows, Colony Oaks, River Drive, or in the Historic Central Neighborhood of Appleton, our electricians can install a dependable electric car charging point for your home!

    Appleton’s Trusted Electric Car Charging Installation

    Our electricians ensure that your home electric car charging point is safe, dependable, and not affecting the use of other electrical equipment in your home. We also can help with convenient locations, multi-car charging configurations, and other advanced EV charging strategies. When you’re relying on electricity for your driving needs, your home EV charging station needs to be quick and reliable!

    Among the many reasons homeowners enjoy installing their own EV charging station:
    • Faster charging for less “range anxiety” when you’re driving
    • Convenient charging while you wait – at home!
    • No complicated cards or memberships for different charging stations
    • Added value for your home
    • Possible additional EV incentives

    Appleton’s Trusted Electric Car Charging InstallationAppleton, like many communities, is turning towards electric cars as a positive, future-oriented technology. Around the world and throughout the USA, communities have been recommending or even requiring that newly-built homes include EV charging as a standard feature to encourage and support electric car charging and mobility. There’s nothing like the change from a slow level 1 charge from a standard outlet that can take the weekend, to a quick overnight level 2 EV charging point. For Tesla charging stations at home, according to their website, the difference is a few miles’ worth of charge or a few dozen per hour, overnight that’s a short commute or road trip!

    Your EV Charging Station Installation Team

    At Black-Haak, we combine top experienced and professional electricians along with an organization that’s been serving the Appleton community since 1956. We respond quickly to emergencies, carefully coordinate our timely service visits, and provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that helps customers get to know Black-Haak in confidence.

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    We’re proud to serve Appleton with trusted electrician service. Call us now for convenient charging station installation!