Indoor lighting affects your mood and how you think. Outdoor lighting transforms your property and adds safety. At Black-Haak, we make creative and functional lighting happen. From light switch wiring in Oshkosh, WI to professional lighting fixture installations, we have the skills you need. Let us add lighting to your bookshelves, renew your dining room, brighten your entryway, or add drama to the exterior of your home at night.

If you love the way the sun lights your kitchen, why not add professionally installed lighting? We can give you bright, fresh early morning light, and soft, warm lighting at night. Black-Haak is your lighting contractor in Oshkosh, skilled with technologies like convenient three-way light switch wiring, LED light dimmers, smart lighting fixtures, and coordinated lighting controls.

Quality Light Switch Wiring in Oshkosh

Whatever your design vision, our Oshkosh, WI professional electricians can make extraordinary lighting happen in your home. We provide the safety of skilled wiring and reliable light switch installation. If you have a vintage look, we can source vintage switches and fixtures to complete the picture. For smart home light switch wiring, specialized dimmer controls, and in-wall lighting controls, we’re the ones to call. Our lighting fixture installation team can move your dining room chandelier, install sconce accents with precision, and add professional office lighting to your home workplace.

Have you been looking at your stock lighting fixtures and switches and thinking about a change? Maybe some smart home convenience or matching your styling? What about using color temperature to change moods in various rooms? We can make it happen.

Home lighting is a chance for creativity with professional results:

  • Smart home lighting
  • Recessed lighting fixture installation
  • Unique fixtures
  • Vintage switches and lights
  • Smart home or timer-based security lighting
  • Euro-style switches and other unique controls

Our outdoor lighting fixture installation experts and light switch installers use weatherproof equipment and safety features. Our careful underground and surface wiring is done to code, carefully and professionally, using GFCI protection correctly installed. You can trust us as your quality lighting contractor indoors and outdoors!

Expert Lighting Contractor

At Black-Haak, we love to do lighting. We provide a wide range of home services including lighting contractor work in Oshkosh. Our team includes experienced and licensed electricians who provide great electrical care for your entire home. Serving our area since 1956, we have a BBB A+ rating, great reviews, and customer service professionals who love to help you.

Does your home need a professional lighting makeover, or expert light switch wiring in Oshkosh? Contact Black-Haak today for expert lighting contractor care!